Rules & Regulations




Elm Grove Cemetery Association
General Rules

Elm Grove Cemetery gates are open from sunrise to sunset in according to the seasons. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday thru Friday. The office is closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The right of admittance to the grounds is reserved.

All persons will respect the solemnity of the cemetery and observe the rules which have been established for the purpose of securing quiet and good order at all times within the grounds.

Reasonable efforts are made to protect approved memorials, flowers, trees and shrubs, but the Cemetery disclaims responsibility for any damage or injury thereto.

No one under 18 years of age will be permitted in the grounds unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or other adult, who shall be responsible for their conduct.

The Superintendent may expel from the cemetery or cause to be arrested, any persons disturbing it’s sanctity by noisy, boisterous, or other improper conduct.

There shall be no decoration, adornment, use of monument, inscriptions or plantings except as expressly permitted under these rules. The right is reserved by the Superintendent to enter upon any lot and prohibit, modify, or remove any object, adornment, monument, inscription, planting or work done contrary to the rules.

Dumping of any fill materials such as wood materials, compost, trash etc. is not permitted.

Rubbish collected from the lots must be removed to places of deposit. Trash cans are provided for that purpose. No household or vehicular trash please.

Picking of flowers from plants and shrubs is strictly prohibited. Breaking of any tree or shrub, defacing any memorial, disturbing wildlife, or damaging property in any way is a class d felony. Violators of this rule will be arrested and prosecuted.

Persons with firearms, except at military funerals, are strictly forbidden from entering the grounds.

Walking of dogs is NOT permitted.

No money may be given to any of the Elm Grove Cemetery employees as a reward for any personalized attention.

Loitering, soliciting, or vagrancy is not permitted.

Drinking alcohol, drug use, picnicking, sunbathing, off road motorcycle riding, skateboarding, sledding, ice skating, hunting, fishing, trapping, or sports play, is strictly prohibited.

Jogging is permitted in the cemetery. Joggers are to stay away from all funeral services.

Casual visitors who are not members of a funeral party shall not intrude on a funeral or cremation service or open grave to satisfy an idle curiosity.

The Trustees and Superintendent reserve the right to amend, modify, or suspend any existing rules or regulations or do adopt new rules and regulations as the need arises.

Persons are reminded that the grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the deceased and quiet reflection for the living. We kindly ask you to respect the rules.

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Elm Grove Cemetery

Decorations and Remembrances

The Superintendent reserves the right to remove and restrict the placement of any and all decorations and remembrances in accordance with these rules. There shall be no decoration, adornment, use of monument, inscription or plantings except as expressly permitted under these rules.

During the period from April 1 st thru November 1 st ONE POTTED PLANT AND ONE SUITABLE CONTAINER OF CUT FLOWERS IS PERMITTED TO BE PLACED ON OR NEAR AN OCCUPIED GRAVE. Only clay or durable plastic containers not exceeding 12 inches in diameter and height are allowed for potted plants. Potted plants and other containers of cut flowers dug into the turf will be removed immediately. Staking or securing decorations to the ground is prohibited. Potted plants and cut flowers are permitted as long as they are attractive, after which they will be removed and disposed of.

During the period of November 1 st thru April 1 st , one grave blanket, wreath, rustic basket, or cemetery log of greens is allowed on or near an occupied grave. One pot of artificial flowers not exceeding 12 inches in diameter and height is permitted during this time. Placement of artificial flowers directly in the ground is prohibited. If you wish to save winter decorations please remove them by March 31 st .

For the safety of the public and the Elm Grove Cemetery staff, certain decorations are not allowed. PROHIBITED ITEMS: fencing, concrete borders, stone or concrete blocks, glass containers, toys, ornaments, statues, metal urns, votive lights, cardboard or plastic cartons, figurines, alcoholic beverage containers , sports items, sheppard's hooks, birdfeeders, birdbaths, stones, wind chimes, plant hangers, ribbons, bows, pictures, ceramic signs, water cans, fragmental material, and bric-a-brac of any description. Prohibited items will be removed and discarded without notice. Furthermore, said property will be disposed of without incurring any liability.

The American flag and service flags are permitted. One American flag is allowed on a United States veteran's grave. Elm Grove Cemetery is not responsible for the condition of the flags or flag holders. Should the flags become worn or unsightly they are removed and destroyed via a flag burning ceremony. The Boy Scouts of America places new flags on the graves before Memorial Day. Elm Grove Cemetery has a limited number of American Flags should a veterans grave need one. Elm Grove Cemetery does not supply flag holders.



Elm Grove Cemetery


The cemetery undertakes to maintain, as nearly as practical, the planting of trees and shrubbery to preserve the landscape feature, but does not maintain individual plantings on individual lots without making a charge for such service.

OWNERS OR HEIRS OF LOTS MAY PLANT, SUBJECT TO WRITTEN OR VERBAL APPROVAL OF THE SUPERINTENDENT, SHRUBS, PLANTS AND FLOWER BEDS. Elm Grove Cemetery encourages plantings of annuals and perennials at the base of a monument so long as they are maintained. Maintenance of plantings is the lot owner's responsibility. Plantings should be no more than 8” in front of or in back of the monument. Small shrubs must be planted on the sides of the monument and are not to exceed the lot property boundary.

If any plantings are neglected, unsightly, overgrown, or if the planting is not done according to specifications or without approval, the plants will be removed without notice at the discretion of the Superintendent. The cost of lot restoration will be charged to the lot owner or heirs at existing rates. The management reserves the right to remove any planting, shrubbery, flowers, objects, or decorations on any of the lots to secure access to and from any interment site. The privilege of planting on any lot may be refused by the Superintendent.

The use of any product to enclose shrubbery or flower beds is not permitted. Stone chips are not permitted. The use of natural mulch such as pine, cedar, and hemlock is permitted.

Spreading fertilizer or other such materials on the lots is not allowed. Use of herbicides or any other chemicals to control growth is prohibited.

The cutting of turf or any “edging” will not be allowed under any circumstances by persons not employed by Elm Grove Cemetery .

Elm Grove Cemetery is not responsible for any plantings damaged by the elements, vandals, thieves, or by other causes beyond its control. The management shall have authority to remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, and plantings should they become unsightly, diseased, dangerous, or when they do not conform to the standard maintained.

Elm Grove Cemetery will remove all funeral floral arrangements within one week following a service.



Elm Grove Cemetery

Vehicular Traffic

The speed limit within the cemetery grounds is 10 miles per hour. Speeding will cause for immediate expulsion from the grounds.

All vehicles shall keep to the right side of the road and shall park on the right side of the road. NO PARKING ON GRASS AREAS. VEHICLES MUST STAY ON THE ROADS.

Vehicles may not turn around on the roads, but must continue around the section.

Vehicles must not be driven on the lawns.

Any persons whose vehicle causes damage to monuments, plants, turf, or other property is liable for such damage.

All vehicles which encounter a staff working area will be asked to back up and find another roadway.

All vehicles must stop to allow a funeral procession to pass, and may not continue until the entire procession has passed.

Only licensed drivers are permitted to drive in the cemetery. Unregistered motor vehicles are not allowed on cemetery property.

Vehicles left unattended on cemetery property will be towed at the owner's expense.

Vehicles such as buses, motor homes, tractor trailers, fire trucks, or any other large vehicles are not permitted in the Elm Grove Cemetery .

Automobiles are allowed upon cemetery roads as a privilege, not an inherent right to the lot owners. Such privilege will be restricted to those persons who obey the rules.

Inclement weather shall warrant the cemetery to close all vehicular traffic.(Blizzard/Hurricane)

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